"Attract Money On Command, Sponsor 16-28 Reps PER MONTH And Sell ANYTHING With An Almost 'Magic' Webinar Sales Formula From Steve Jaffe"

Webinar Sales Magic - BUY NOW!
Webinar Sales Magic - BUY NOW!

Insta Lead Magic


Module 1: "Plan An Irresistible Webinar "Hook" That Pulls In Registrations And Sales"

Why This Module Matters:

Webinars are very common. To maximize results, you must get your webinar to stand out above the noise.


How To Choose Webinar Topics That Hit Your Prospect's Unique "Pain Points" And Dramatically Boost Your Chances Of Having A "Hit"

How To Craft A Unique Selling Proposition That Gets Your Webinar To Stand Out And Magnetically Compels People To Register And (More Importantly) Attend

How To Assemble An "Irresistible Offer" That Webinar Attendees Feel Irrationally Compelled To BUY

The Surprisingly Simple Way To Create 'Bonus Bait' That Incites A Large Portion Of Your Prospects To Buy Just To Get Their Hands On Your Bonuses

Module 2: "Attract A Flood Of Registrants"

Why This Module Matters:

Generating buzz, attention and interest in your webinars and getting a FLOOD of registrants is an art and science you MUST master to earn serious money, not merely "hobby" income, with your webinars


Steve's Formula For Massively Persuasive Emails That Get People Flocking From Your "List" (If You Have One) To Your Webinar, Credit Card Ready, Biased To Buy

Generate 22-57 Leads Per Day With Webinars Easily By Attracting "Double Leads" That Both Register For Your Webinar And Get Added To Your List At The Same Time (Critical If YouiDon't Have A Big List)

Leverage Perhaps The World's Highest-Converting Webinar Registration Page And Achieve A Tested, Proven And Almost Unheard-Of 86% Conversion From Page Visitor To Webinar Registrant

Learn To Write Headlines For Your Registration Pages That Hit Registrants' "Hot Buttons" So Strongly, They Show Up On Your Webinar Already Eager To BUY

Module 3: "Attendence Boosters: How To Get HUGE Numbers Of Registrants To Actually Attend Your Webinars"

Why This Module Matters:

Only people who ATTEND your event will buy. And not everyone who registers shows up. Maximizing the "show" rate is CRITICAL to your bottom line.


Steve's Pioneering Tactics That Get A Ridiculous 60% Of Registrants To Attend When 30%-Attendance Is Considered "Normal".

How To Intensify Registrants' Desire To Attend Your Webinar, Using An Email Sequence That Pushes The Prospect's "Hot Buttons"

Why Bribing People With A "Free Gift" To Attend Can Actually LOWER Attendance And Sales Conversions.

The Crafty Strategy Steve Uses That Compels People To Show Up 15-30 Minutes Early For Your Webinar, So You Have A "Full House" As Soon As Your Webinar Begins.

Module 4: "The Webinar Presentation Template That Closes Like Crazy"

Why This Module Matters:

CLOSING sales generates revenue, acquires new customers, and fuels the growth of your business (Of course!)


The 25-Point Webinar Blueprint Created By A Persuasion Prodigy That Predictably Closes A Remarkable 16%-24% Of Attendees Into Sales At Any Price Point Nearly Every Time

How To Boost Sales Using Influence Triggers Such As Authority, Reciprocity, Social Proof, Liking And Scarcity.

How To Compel An Amazing 82% Of Attendees To Stay Until The End And See Your Offer

The Body Posture "Hack" Steve Learned From A Harvard Psychologist That Enables You To Exude Confidence When Presenting (And Close 21% More Sales)

Module 5: Post-Webinar Revenue Boosters

Why This Module Matters:

After Your Webinar Completes, You Cab Increase Sales 25%-40% Or More With These Proven Strategies


"The Double-Webinar": A Little-Known But Deadly-Effective Way To Pile On More Sales

Why You Should Avoid Promoting A Webinar "Replay". Plus: The Lucrative Alternative To Replays

The Post-Webinar Video Sequence And Countdown Sequence That Allows You To Achieve Product-Launch Like Sales Results AFTER Your Webinar


Automated Webinar That Creates Done-For-You Commissions!

$497 VALUE

Automated Webinar

Steve Jaffe Sells 'Webinar Sales Magic' Course On An Automated Webinar Linked To YOUR Affiliate Account. You Keep ALL The Commissions That Come From Your Link

100% Turnkey: Everything Set Up For You: Lead Capture Page, Video, Hosting, Emails. No Tech Hurdles

High-Converting Webinar: Steve Has Tremendous Credibility Selling His Course!

Just Send Traffic To Your Special Link

This Is Like Steve Personally Selling On A Webinar For You...And YOU Keep The Commissions!

"Fill-In-The-Blank" Webinar Slides & Registration Page Template!


Bonus Template Pack

Just Start From Steve's Proven-To-Convert Webinar Content, Swap In Some Of Your Own Words, And Presto! Instant Webinars That Match The Closing Ratios Of Millionaire Top Producers - Even If You're A Newbie! MIT-Trained MBA Steve Tracks Every Metric In His Webinar Funnels And Constantly Tweaks And Tests EVERYTHING To Achieve The Highest Webinar Metrics In the Industry. And YOU Get His Best-Converting Templates!

You Get Steve's Webinar Registration Page Template That Converts On Average 86% Of Page Visitors Into Webinar Registrants. ("Normal" Conversion People Get Is 20%-30.) Meticulously Tested And Tweaked In Steve's "Webinar Lab", You Get Perhaps The Highest-Converting Webinar Registration Page Template In the Industry. You Can Make BIG Money Even If You Have A Small (Or No!) List. BOOM!

You Also Get The Same Presentations (Raw PowerPoint Files) Steve Uses To Close An Astonishing 18%-27% Of Webinar Attendees And Earn $3,000-$10,000 Per Webinar. This Is Like Getting Permission To Take A Da Vinci Painting, Tack On A Signature, Sell The Painting As Your Own, And YOU Pocket ALL The Proceeds! Get World Class Results, Instantly!

"Swipe File" Of Emails To Promote Your Webinars And Get Registrants To Attend


Bonus Emails Swipe File

The Proven Emails Steve Uses To Warm People And Drive Them To YOUR Webinars Predispositioned To BUY YOUR STUFF!

Create Your Own Webinar Promo Emails Quickly By Working From Steve's 'Paint-by-Numbers' Proven Emails. Leapfrog The Copywriting Learning Curve!

"Steve's Pre-Written Emails Have Been able to Drive Sales Upwards Of $10,000 Per Webinar. These Battle-tested, Proven To Convert Emails Save You WEEKS Of Prep Time And Virtually Guarantee Your Success."

30 Days FREE Subscription To 'Webinars OnAir' (Webinar Platform)


Webinars OnAir

Get FREE 30 Days Access To Webinars On Air, A Cost-Effective, Versatile Webinar Hosting Platform. Start Hosting Webinars and Make More Money Immediately with what Steve Jaffe shows you!

Webinars OnAir just released AUTOMATED WEBINARS, a subject that Jaffe is going to dissect inside this 6-Week Course... PERFECT Timing and TONS of Leverage!

Bonus Training #1: A 'Hold You By the Hand' Walkthrough to Set Up Your First Webinar


Training 1

One of the Webinars OnAir founders sits down, takes your hand, and walks you through the VERY simple process of setting up your very first webinar!

This will 100% ensure that you understand how to easily set up LIVE, Automated, and Recurring webinars for YOUR business... PRICELESS!

Bonus Training #2: Influence And Persuasion For Marketers

$129 VALUE

Training 2

Exploit Influence Strategies Psychologists Have Discovered To Get Easy Webinar Sales

The Simple Way To Create "Microcommitments" That Escalate Into Laydown Sales

Unorthodox Ways To Use Authority, Reciprocity, And Scarcity In Webinars To Close Sales Without Objections

The Secret To Emotional Transference, Storytelling "State" And Other Advanced Persuasion "Hacks"

Bonus Training #3: How To Scale Up Profits

$129 VALUE

Training 3

A Repeatable Way To Scale ANY Webinar 8x-20x

How To Easily Track Webinar Metrics So You're Always 100% Clear What To Focus On Improving (Critical)

A Disciplined Approach To Scaling Advertising Spend That Virtually Guarantees Your Profits Keep Increasing

The Right Way To Think About Metrics And Scaling Up. And How To Avoid Rookie Mistakes

Bonus Training #4: Email Copywriting Secrets For Massive Webinar Promotion

$149 VALUE

Training 5

Learn From MLSP CEO & Co-Founder Brian Fanale, One Of The Industry's Most Talented And Prolific Copywriters And Trainers, How To Craft Ultra-Persuasive Emails That Compel People To FLOCK To Your Webinars

Brian Fanale's Emails Have Cumulatively Driven Over 400,000+ Webinar Registrations And Over $25M In Online Sales. Legally Steal his Favorite E-mail Hacks & Secrets to Get More Attendees, Sign-Up More Reps, and Make More Money with YOUR Webinars!


MODULE 1: Plan Your Webinar 'Hook'

$200 VALUE

MODULE 2: Attract Registrants

$200 VALUE

MODULE 3: Maximize Registrations

$200 VALUE

MODULE 4: Presentation Formula

$200 VALUE

MODULE 5: Post-Webinar Sales Boosters

$200 VALUE

BONUS: Automated Webinar That Creates Done-For-You Commissions

$497 VALUE

BONUS: "Fill-In-The-Blank" Webinar Slides & Registration Page Template!


BONUS: "Swipe File" Of Emails


BONUS: 30 Days FREE Subscription To 'Webinars On Air'


BONUS TRAINING #1: A 'Hold You By the Hand' Walkthrough to Set Up Your First Webinar


BONUS TRAINING #2: Influence And Persuasion For Marketers

$129 VALUE

BONUS TRAINING #3: How To Scale Up Profits

$129 VALUE

BONUS TRAINING #4: Email Copywriting Secrets For Massive Webinar Promotion

$149 VALUE


$2,260 VALUE




Enjoy 'Webinar Sales Magic' 100% RISK FREE for the next 30 days

If you don't feel 'Webinar Sales Magic' will make you more money than you ever dreamed possible... simply e-mail [email protected] and we'll gladly refund you 100%, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The risk is on us: Let us prove to you that 'Webinar Sales Magic' will change the course of your financial destiny.

Webinar Sales Magic

What Others Are Saying!

"I applied a lot of the principles that Steve teaches, and I've got to tell you, I've seen webinar registrations go up by 40% and I've seen my sales go through the roof. What he teaches is right on the money. I can't recommend this course enough!"

Mark H.
Trinity, Florida

"In week five I went ahead and did my first webinar. On my webinar, using every single technique that Steve Jaffe taught us, I was able to have 100% attendance and I had a closing rate of close to 35%! I highly recommend Steve's course."

Joe S.
Morganton, North Carolina

"Before I met Steve I was unable to make any sales using webinars. Since taking Steve's training and applying his techniques, on my first ever sales webinar I wound up making 4 sales totaling $1000. But the best part is I can now print money on demand and people are now seeking me out as the authority and leader in the marketplace! Thanks Steve, you've made a huge difference in my business!"

Dr. Lisa T.
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

"Webinars really are the game changer for anyone struggling in their home business. This is the number one strategy you must have, and Steve Jaffe is just the king of webinars. I was able to implement 2 of his many tactics in a short time and had my very first 5 figure launch. I know this course will help you in your business!"

April Marie T.
Merritt Island, Florida


Webinar Sales Magic - BUY NOW!
Webinar Sales Magic - BUY NOW!

What Can You Expect?


Webinar Sales Magic - BUY NOW!
Webinar Sales Magic - BUY NOW!



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